Farm Credit Canada: "50% Kosteneinsparung dank IMTF!"

Farm Credit Canada was able to develop an entire financial application in less than 6 months, based on UltraLightClient. IMTF provided training and consulting.
Greg Hutchinson: "IMTF never lets you down!".
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Shipping Terminal Operating Systems

The global leader in supply chain execution software solutions for cargo logistics, Navis LLC, developed its next generation product line with UltraLightClient, e.g. their flagship product Navis SPARCS, the world-leading terminal operating system (TOS) that manages more than 170 marine terminal operations in 50 countries.

Logo Abacus

"There is no alternative!"

"We tested several RIA-options but none of these could satisfy our requirements. For us there is no alternative to IMTF's UltraLightClient. If ULC hadn't been available as a product, we would have had to write it ourselves."
Claudio Hintermann, Abacus Research AG

Logo IBT

Management System for Banking

IBT, Informatica Bancaria Trentina, is a software development company based in Italy. The company is provider of Gesbank Evolution, a management system for banking. IBT is using the IMTF RIA-Suite to develop the user interface components of their product.
"The IMTF RIA-Suite allowed us to realize the user interface in a simple and efficient way, which would have been problematic or nearly impossible with other technologies."
Davide Marchignoli, IBT

Logo pds GmbH

Cloud-based software for tradesmen

The company pds GmbH made use of IMTF RIA-Suite for the development of its tradesmen software. The software allows tradesmen and building contractors to generate cost estimates, quotations and invoices. IMTF RIA-Suite enabled pds to rapidly develop a freely expandable client-server application against a Swing compatible API. The application has been in operation since 2012 and has 3000 users.

Logo BLS

Communication between application server and client component

BLS Integration is a service and software provider with focus on business software. The company concentrates on the development and distribution of ERP, CRM and document management solutions and the implementation of customized database applications. The use of IMTF RIA-Suite enables the organization to provide a fast connection technology perfectly tailored to the bandwidth with, at the same time, such high performance that entire ERP systems can be implemented on it.

Web Interface for Business Process Management Tool

Soreco develops and distributes Xpert.ivy, a business process management tool. Using Xpert.ivy, business processes can be adapted to suit new situations without any need for re-programming, thus making companies more agile and competitive. Soreco uses UltraLightClient to offer a rich web user interface for Xpert.ivy. Using the IMTF RIA library, Soreco is able to offer its BPM software within an Internet environment without losing the advantages of rich and highly responsive user interfaces.

"A cost-effective best-of-all-worlds Approach!"

"This is the Unique Sales Proposition of UltraLightClient: A cost-effective best-of-all-worlds approach that can give you rich GUI from pure Java code, managed by a commercial-grade presentation engine".
Laurence Moroney, DevX

Global Supply Chain Managmement

Otto is using UltraLightClient for a range of applications that caters for their global supply chain management. More than ten applications used by hundreds of B2B partners are in production today.

Front-End Applications for Intranet/Extranet

MUENCHENER VEREIN Versicherungsgruppe is using UltraLightClient to develop new front-end applications for their Intranet and Extranet being used both offline and online. More than five applications are in production today.

"A Great and Innovative Library!"

""I really think that ULC is a great and innovative library. It relieves the developer from most (if not all) of the UI deployment problems you will meet when dealing with distributed rich clients. An experienced Swing developer will get up to speed with ULC in no time thanks to the consistent API, and all the hard work of efficient client server communication layer comes at no extra cost".
Vincent Vandenschrick, Jspresso

Commercial ERP Products and Applications

Wuerth Phoenix is using UltraLightClient to develop both commercial ERP products and applications for the Wuerth Corporation. Several applications have been completed and are being used by hundreds of companies.

Content Management System for Tourism Portal

Tinext, a Swiss software company, developed a portal for tourist information. The portal is currently used by different content providers, among them,,,, and