IMTF RIA-Suite Products

IMTF RIA-Suite includes ULC Core and Add-on packages. All the products are described below.



ULC Core

ULC Core includes:

  • Comprehensive widget set (similar to Swing) and an Application Framework for development of Rich Internet Applications.
  • Testing Framework for unit and functional testing of GUIs.
  • Animation framework and Visual Effects like transparency, gradient paints, background images and rounded corners.


ULC Application Integration

Run external ULC, JavaFx and Web application within a window of your ULC application. Enables use of new UI technologies like JavaFx and HTML5/JS in your ULC application.


ULC Chart

Create sophisticated charts such as pie charts, bar charts, histograms, scatter plots, etc. to represent complex business and scientific data. ULC Chart is based on JFreeCharts.


ULC FxBrowser

Impart the functionality of a web browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) to your ULC application so as to present any web content and service like Google Maps, Flash Player, etc. ULC FxBrowser integrates JavaFX WebView component thus enabling embedding of a web browser component in a ULC application. ULC FxBrowser does not require third party libraries as it is supported out-of-the-box by JRE 1.7+.


ULC Graph

Create and display interactive diagrams and graphs. Define a palette of shapes and then drag and drop shapes from the palette on to canvas to create graphs and diagrams such as work flow graphs, organization charts, BPM, etc. ULC graph is based on JGraph.


ULC Office Integration

Import, export and print office related documents, such as Excel, Word( both binary and XML) and PDF, from your ULC application. Office Integration is based on Apache POI.


ULC Server Push

ULC Server Push enables pushing of server side events to ULC client without the ULC Client having to initiate a server round-trip. ULC Server Push is implemented on the concept of long polling. It also provides distributed event bus.


ULC Spring Integration

This package enables running of ULC applications as managed applications in Spring framework and Spring Boot. This way all the advantages of Spring framework such as dependency injection, declarative programming through aspects, and POJO programming can be made available to a ULC application. Integration with Spring Boot enables faster development and debug cycle as the application can be run in client-server mode without explicitly deploying it in an application server.