IMTF RIA-Suite Offerings

IMTF RIA-Suite = libraries, tools, services, and support to build rich internet applications that:

  1. are server centric and can run in the cloud
  2. have rich GUI
  3. can integrate applications with UI technologies like Java Swing, JavaFx, JavaScript/HTML5 into your ULC application
  4. are easy to develop, debug and maintain



RIA-Suite is a Java based library that significantly simplifies the development of web-based business applications with rich GUIs. It is based on an efficient and robust pure Java based technology : UltraLightClient (ULC). ULC provides a rich Swing based widget-set. ULC applications are server centric and can be deployed in JEE compliant web containers. The technology being fully Java/JEE standard based is simple to maintain and highly adaptable. ULC applications are impressive for their performance, robustness and attractiveness. Its homogeneous pure Java based server side architecture and out-of-the-box support for client-server communication increases developer productivity and reduces development and maintenance costs.

RIA-Suite includes ULC Core, ULC Application Integration - run within your application window external applications with UI technologies like Java/Swing, JavaFx, HTML5/JS, ULC Chart - charting support, ULC FxBrowser - browser integration based of JavaFx WebView, ULC Graph - diagramming support, ULC Office Integration for creating, presenting and printing office documents, ULC ServerPush - server push feature and ULC Spring Integration - run ULC applications as managed by Spring Framework.

More about how ULC works : ULC Concepts.
More about RIA-Suite and OpenDolphin integration: RIA-Suite + OpenDolphin Concepts.


Product support

IMTF offers different kinds of support models for RIA-Suite products.