Limitation of Liability

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1. Disclaimer

This website is made available by the company Informatique-MTF SA, Givisiez, Switzerland (hereafter IMTF). The information provided on this website is valid only for persons who are subject to the Swiss legal system, either due to their nationality, place of residence or business or otherwise.

The IMTF Website is not addressed to any persons who, by virtue of their nationality, place of residence, or otherwise, are subject to regulations which prohibit access to the IMTF website. Such persons are not permitted access to the IMTF website. It is each user?s own responsibility to check on the restrictions which apply and to comply with them before accessing this website.

The purpose of this website is to disseminate information about the company, its services and products procured. The data and information contained on this website constitute neither a request for a quotation nor an offer, nor a recommendation to purchase any products. IMTF does not enter into any kind of contractual relationship with the user through the user accessing this website.

All information and data published on the World-Wide-Web by IMTF have been compiled and checked to the best of their knowledge and belief. Nonetheless IMTF issues no guarantee and assumes no liability (neither express nor implied) whatsoever in association with the use of this website. Particularly, no guarantee is given and no liability assumed for any damage or loss whatsoever which might be incurred, should the information or opinions published on this website not be complete, accurate or up-to-date. In particular, IMTF shall not be obliged to remove any outdated information from this website or to expressly mark it as being outdated.

IMTF assumes no responsibility or liability for possible damage or virus-infection of the internet users? own computer systems or other property caused by the use of this website or in connection with files downloaded from this website. IMTF explicitly points out that data transfer is unencrypted and takes place in open networks, which are available to all.

This website contains links to the sites of third parties, the contents of which are the sole responsibility of these third parties and are beyond IMTF's control. IMTF can therefore not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or legality of these third-party websites nor any possible offers or services contained within, and disclaims any liability whatsoever for the contents of these third-party websites. The links are provided only as an additional service and solely for informational purposes and their contents have no connection to IMTF. IMTF disclaims any liability for any loss or damages incurred through the use of such third party websites.

IMTF does not accept any liability for modern uninterrupted continual access to the Internet. Any liability for direct or indirect personal, financial or property loss suffered shall be disclaimed.

2. Terms and conditions of use

All content on this site is copyrighted material. No text nor graphic material contained may be published, copied nor distributed or amended in any way without IMTF's permission. Downloading texts or pictures solely for private and not for commercial purposes is permitted on condition that the copyright or other trademark is not removed.

Beyond this permission use is explicitly forbidden. Offence will be prosecuted. This permission of use does not contain the right to quote, imitate or copy designs, layouts or text. Use of content from this website beyond this limitation is only possible with explicit prior agreement from IMTF in written form.

3. Logging and Protection of Privacy

Access to this website may be logged, but IMTF does not record personal data. Access statistics, for example registration of IP-addresses, serve the sole purpose of analysing the service capacity of this website in order to optimise it constantly. IMTF will not forward this data to third parties.

4. Copyright

All material appearing on this website is copyrighted.

5. Severability Clause

Should a term or condition or any section or part thereof become void or for any reason be declared invalid, the remaining sections of the terms, conditions or clauses shall in no manner be affected by this but shall remain in full force. Any void or unenforceable provision shall be construed so as to give it the maximum effect permitted by law.

6. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

For these terms and conditions Swiss law shall be the exclusively applicable law.

Court of Jurisdiction is IMTF's registered office in Givisiez, Switzerland

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