Products and Prices

The following table provides pricing information for RIA-Suite product configurations and corresponding support services. You can request a quote or directly order a license by writing to


License € 2250  
Upgrade € 1500  
Premium Support € 820  
Platinum Support € 1100  

Developer, Evaluation and Support License

IMTF RIA-Suite requires a RIA-Suite license. The right to use the License is linked to a valid License and Maintenance Agreement in force. Premium or Platinum Support costs are based on the number of active RIA Suite developer licences.

Each developer using one or more RIA-Suite libraries on the class path when compiling requires a RIA-Suite developer license. The RIA-Suite developer license allows for the development of ULC applications using the public API. The RIA-Suite framework (both server-side and client-side) may also be customized by means of the public API. RIA-Suite developer licenses may not be sublicensed.

The RIA-Suite server-side libraries may only be sublicensed if they are bundled with a RIA-Suite-based product. In addition, a RIA-Suite-based product must add substantial value to RIA-Suite. The (customized) UI Engine may only be distributed and sublicensed if it is used for running a RIA-Suite-based product. Sublicensing and/or commercial deployment of the server-side and client-side libraries is only permitted if the bundled RIA-Suite-based product has been developed with a developer license. In this case the run-time license is free, it comes along with the Developer License and it can be used on more than one machine.

For evaluation purposes IMTF provides a one-time Evaluation License, which is valid for 90 days. Evaluation Licenses can be obtained upon request to IMTF. The Evaluation License is equivalent to a Developer License as far as access to features is concerned. The Evaluation License includes license keys for RIA-Suite. It can be used by one person on a single computer at any particular moment in time. The Evaluation License must not be used for the development, selling and distribution of RIA-Suite applications for commercial purposes.

Within the first three months of purchasing of a RIA-Suite, an upgrade to a newer major release is free of charge. After three months, a major release of a RIA-Suite product can be purchased for an upgrade-price. Upgrades for maintenance releases are available free of charge and are labelled accordingly. IMTF therefore recommends the purchase of a Support License, so that all upgrades (major and maintenance) can be obtained free of charge for a period of one year. However, if an upgrade requires upgrading of any third-party licenses, then such third-party licenses will be chargeable even if the upgrade of the ULC licenses is free. With the upgrade of a license to a new version, the validity of the old license is retained. However, only one of the two licenses can be used by one person on a single computer.

Premium and Platinum Support will automatically be renewed upon expiration of the validity period. Should you not wish to renew your Support license, then you are required to communicate this in writing at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.

With the purchase of additional RIA-Suite developer licenses, the Support's expiration will be synchronized with the expiration date of your remaining licenses. In other words, the support of all licenses purchased at different times always ends on the same date and you need not be concerned with differing validity periods of Support licenses. The price in this case will be calculated pro-rata. All additional details can be found in the Software License Agreement.

License Agreements

Developer License

Developer License Agreement for RIA-Suite.

Evaluation License

Evaluation License Agreement for RIA-Suite.